We've worked together
since 2005.  


There’s a reason we’ve worked together for such a long time. We’re both exceptionally skilled at our craft and we respect each other’s abilities – it’s a yin and yang thing. We both love to make stuff. We have a deep understanding of technology and get genuinely excited about what it does for people. And we’re really good friends. In some ways the friendship thing is the most important part because it means we push each other to explore crazy ideas.

It may seem odd for two creative guys to get all philosophical about what we do, but our success comes from a shared set of beliefs. Those intangible things that help guide us and shape the work we do (sort of like The Force). From how we work to what we make, it all starts with knowing what we want to do and how we like to do it. And, even more important, where we choose to work.



Helping consumers solve problems can be more effective than shouting messages
Agencies that only focus on selling hours are less incentivized to create great work
Small nimble teams are hugely effective
Creative people should have a fresh idea each and every day
Failure is the only path to success
Creative directors should actually create things






Duncan Porter






Dave Stubbs