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April 23, 2015 - No Comments!

IBM Apps Built w AAPL’s HealthKit Will Offer Medical Advice

For a long time we've been saying that Apple is quietly building health technology and wearable hardware that's ideally positioned to disrupt the health profession. Much like iTunes did to the music industry Apple's health platform will spawn an industry structured on real-time data, analysis, diagnosis and -we believe- innovative healthcare services.

Does it seem overly optimistic? We don't think so. In fact, data analysis of this nature would allow health practitioners to make more accurate recommendations.

IBM has created a new online service, called Watson Health Cloud, designed to analyze data funneled through HealthKit. It is intended to help companies and researchers find medically useful patterns in data collected via Apple’s platform, and to build tools that offer personalized medical advice based on an individual’s HealthKit data.

And if this is tied to genome mapping, we're talking about a revolutionary approach to medicine.

In a recent Freakonomics podcast, How Do We Know What Really Works in Healthcare? Stephen J. Dubner analyzes the state of Healthcare and he left me convinced that change is coming fast. It's really worth a listen. His position...

...a lot of the conventional wisdom in medicine is nothing more than hunch or wishful thinking. A new breed of data detectives is hoping to change that.

We're excited to see this play out as more apps built on Apple’s Health Platform will offer medical advice, thanks to IBM.

April 21, 2015 - No Comments!

The Sickweather App is sick

We like when data has an immediate benefit. And that's why we like Sickweather - the "world's first Doppler radar for sickness." It delivers alerts for flu, norovirus, pink eye, whooping cough, and 19 other illnesses and real-time warnings whenever you enter a "sick zone." But that's just one part of why this thing is so great. It's packed with interesting data analysis and tech wizardry.

So, where's the data come from? According to the developers Sickweather uses a patent-pending process to track and map reports of illness that they scrape from social media,  in addition to crowdsourcing directly from the user community.

And, naturally, there's a version for Apple Watch,

SickScore(TM) for Apple Watch adds an entirely new dimension to Sickweather’s service, and works by analyzing nearby contagious illnesses found in over 2 million reports gathered and processed each month from combined sources including: social media, the Sickweather community, and Sickweather partner apps. An algorithm then measures the nearby illnesses by their relative reproductive score along with other demographic factors, such as population density. Unique to our Apple Watch app is a Handwashing Timer that runs for 20 seconds (as recommended by public health organizations) and uses Apple's Taptic Engine to let you know when you are done."

Check it out for yourself - Sickweather - community illness tracker, real-time sickness map & health alerts on the App Store on iTunes.