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Hermit News: Belgian Hermit Lands Dream Job

D&D scours the Internet to bring you breaking news in 'Hermit Culture' in a feature we proudly call Hermit News.

"I had thought I had no chance,” Vanuytrecht, who comes from near Brussels, told the Austria Press Agency. “When I read about the Saalfelden hermitage, I thought to myself: that’s the place for me."

When asked about his qualifications,

"Vanuytrecht said he thought his previous experience working with homeless people, alcoholics, drug addicts, prisoners and psychiatric patients would stand him in good stead. His divorce and the poverty he experienced as a result was also good preparation."

Well done, Stan. And we look forward to many years of never hearing from you ever again.

Source: He's hired: Belgian lands 'dream job' as hermit for Austrian cliffside retreat | World news | The Guardian

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Uber’s Self-Driving Truck Delivers Beer. Obviously.

We love the idea of autonomous trucks. And it looks like Volvo is set to dominate this innovative space. But it does raise an interesting question. Once drivers are no longer needed, where do those people find employment? On the docks loading the trucks...unlikely, since the next obvious innovation is autonomous loaders and in computer controlled warehouses. I for one welcome our self-driving overlords if only for the reason that there will be fewer accidents on major highways - and maybe, goods will be shipped in the midnight hours. But it should give everyone pause. Exactly how will a growing population find employment in a world run by machines?

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Data Is The New Oil

I think most of us would agree about the importance of companies becoming more tech savvy in their marketing, it that doesn't just mean more proficient at making websites and banner ads. And for many marketers that's the default approach, "bring me an innovative banner ad!" It actually means being able to source, understand and interpret data in order to solve consumer problems. It means using technology in fresh and innovative ways. And it means having the ability to sniff out marketing opportunities that consumers don't necessarily expect. To me, that's what it means to be tech savvy. That's what will separates successful modern marketing companies from the laggard ad agencies of the past (and dinosaurs of the future).

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The Fonts of Blade Runner

When I was in highschool I was fastidiously infatuated with the 1982 science fiction classic, Blade Runner. At one point maybe more than Star Wars (although that's hairsplitting and might have more to do with my adolescent vacillation between Pris vs Leia). In fact, my yearbook write up listed my future goal, "to be a Blade Runner." Fast forward through a career in advertising, surrounded by design and typefaces and my obsession remains. And why this article caught my eye.

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This Agency Is Selling Its Rejected Creative Work

This Agency Is Selling Its Rejected Creative Work

Clever ideas that makes us smile are always rewarded with a share. And this idea reminded us of an idea we had. We were going to take pdf's of all our rejected work and put them in an "ad graveyard" on our site. But then we figured we had two choices... password protect the gallery or get our asses handed to us by MM (or OLD agency). In the end we never got around to it. But it was a fun idea and we had a lot of laughs scheming about it.

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We Work At Rain43

Dave Stubbs, Jane Murray, Duncan Porter - VP, Executive Creative Directors at Rain43

I'm so excited to share some amazing news. Duncan and I are now VP, Executive Creative Directors at Rain43. Our partner in crime is Jane Murray, and we couldn't be happier. This is an exciting new model for how agencies should be structured, with a partnership of very senior digital and traditional creative expertise at the very top. From what we've seen already clients love the approach and are excited to see what we can do.

One of our first tasks is to entirely rebuild the creative department. We're looking for fresh thinking and serious cross-discipline chops. We need intermediate and senior creative teams, designers, and front-end developers. We also want to hear from motion graphics specialists and UX people of all flavours. Analytics people, too. We need it all.

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